Behold I Make All Things New Revelation 21:1-8

Rebekyah Brewer
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234Augustine as he was watching the sunset over the ocean once said,

“If these are the pleasures afforded to sinful men, what does God have in store for those whose hearts are his?”

What does God have in store for us? The past couple of weeks we have studied the final 1,000 year time period when Jesus Christ himself will rule over the earth called the Millennium Period. The Millennium Period is the final 1,000 years of a 7,000 year period that acts much as a Sabbath Day rest for mankind as righteousness and peace rule the world. We talked about what heaven on earth would like during this special time period when the earth will experience a great time of peace, justice and abundance with God’s Anointed One in his rightful place of authority over the nations. During this thousand year reign sin would not be absent, death would not be absent, but Satan would be locked up and unable to interfere and deceive man for a time. Those who are not part of the first resurrection, who are still mortal and must face death, will have an opportunity to choose Christ, to love Christ firsthand and the opportunity to reject him still.

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2 Responses to “Behold I Make All Things New Revelation 21:1-8”

  • DBryan Says:

    From which of St. Augustine’s writings did the quote “if these are the pleasures afforded sinful men…” Come from?

    • Rebekyah Says:

      I wish I knew. I wrote the quote down in my journal a few years back after I heard a pastor quote it in a sermon. All I wrote was Augustine. I’ve ran across it a couple of times since then but the reference is always Augustine and never tells what book or source it came out of. An avid reader, I would really like to know myself.

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