Remembering Ms. Hazel

Rebekyah Brewer

1800223_10151939217520735_195764417_nMarch 7, 1983 – February 3, 2014

There were so many things I loved about Ms. Hazel that I am going to miss. I loved her ornery personality. She was inspirational in her good-humored orneriness. She loved to instigate and rile people up in a fun, playful, good-natured way. I loved her quick wittedness. You never knew what she was going to say or do next. She always kept you on your toes.

I loved how faithful she was especially in attending church. Despite the great pain she constantly endured with her ankles bent, and despite physical weakness and fatigue, she rarely missed a Sunday. For as long as she was physically able, beyond the ability of most people, she slowly made her way through the church doors to hear God’s word even though her way was very difficult to tread. I admired her perseverance and faithfulness.

I will always remember Hazel’s great love for children. Her head and shoulders at times would be bent from fatigue and her eyes half closed, but her head would lift up the moment a child’s voice could be heard. Her eyes would immediately brighten and come to life every time a small child entered the room. She would constantly draw them to her side and to her lap if she was able. Enticing them with her smile and the candy she always kept hid in her bible and in her pockets. She would pull out a pen and some paper and they would quietly sit beside her through the service. She had such a wonderful playful way with children.

IMG_1726Other fond memories of Ms. Hazel include her insatiable sweet tooth. Every time we turned around she was filling her walker with treats and candy, stashing them for later. We could not leave the church building without stopping by the candy bowl to refill her already bulging pockets.

What I will miss most about Ms. HazeI is simply her love. She was one who would take your hand and hold it while you talked to her and when you sat by her. Many times in church she would lay her head on my shoulder and hold my hand as we listened to a sermon together and share her stashed candy. She had such a warm and loving nature about her that it was humbling to be a recipient of it. This world is much colder without her.

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