Feb 9 2013

Free Audio Bible

Rebekyah Brewer

ENGESVC2DAIf anyone is looking for a free audio bible this website offers free downloadable ones available in the ESV, KJV, CEV, NRS versions.  It offers the entire bible or just the New or Old testaments and either in dramatized or non-dramatized editions. I would recommend the dramatized version. I listed to the ESV dramatized version of the entire Book of Revelation yesterday in preparation for the current bible study our  Tuesday evening women’s bible study is currently doing which you can listen to online at our CalledAside website and I have to tell you the cry of the eagle over the city of the three "Woe! Woe! Woe!’s" and the sound of the insects of the locusts crawling out into the world in the background of the reading made my own skin crawl and cringe. It really does a fantstic job of bringing the visions in the Book of Revelation to life. It addition, the audio bible gives you an opportunity to read and reread the bible on your drive to and from work or while you are cleaning house or doing the dishes and best of all it’s free! A good audio bible can be quite expensive and I was really pleasantly surprised by the great quality of this one offered free by Faith Comes From Hearing. You can also download their free app from the Google Play Store called Bible IS to listen on your phone or tablet,

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Jan 9 2011

How to Live on 24 Hours A Day

Rebekyah Brewer

I can’t think of a more appropriate book to begin the year off with then the one I have just began listening to. This is of course besides the bible and having a daily bible reading plan, a great classic daily devotional and a fresh blank journal. I just ran across this book, How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, by Arnold Bennett on my new favorite website LibriVox. If you haven’t discovered this website, I highly recommend your checking  it out, especially if you are a big audiobook fan like I am and love the classics.

This website offers free audiobooks in the public domain that you can listen to online or download and transfer to your favorite listening device.  I was wary of the sound and voice quality but I found it surprisingly amazing. A great voice, a slow reading pace and good technical sound quality are essential for a good audiobook in my opinion and I found many of the audiobooks on this free website met all three and surpassed my expectations. Continue reading