Nov 14 2013

Speak to My Heart

Rebekyah Brewer

Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus, Speak that my soul may hear;
Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus, Calm ev’ry doubt and fear.
Speak to my heart, oh, speak to my heart,
Speak to my heart, I pray;
Yielded and still, seeking Thy will,
Oh, speak to my heart today.


1235878_10151613256910735_2077387923_nIt’s strange how verses and truths collide in your life sometimes.  This is often how I hear God speak to me. It’s when a common verse, a common theme runs  throughout my morning devotional readings, prayer time, leisure readings, bible study preparations, extracurricular activities, Sundays Sermon, conversations and just throughout every aspect of my daily activities of life.

There really doesn’t seem to be any off limit areas for the Word of God to show up unexpectedly and present Himself before my eyes to remind me that He sees me and hears me.  He knows my hearts hidden thoughts, questions, wishes and concerns that I have set aside to the back of my mind. He addresses them and counsels me on them before I even make them known to be answered. Thoughts and wishes that seem to be too small and trivial to be expressed are answered by Him.

One morning several weeks ago, I was flipping through an old hymn book  when I ran across a hymn that I had never heard before called Speak to My Heart. I loved the lyrics to this hymn and spent time praying over the words. I wondered what this old hymn actually sounded like when it was sung and wished that I could hear it. I made a mental note to try and find it on the internet later when I had time. I took a picture of the hymn and pasted it on my personal Facebook page just commenting that I loved this old hymn I had ran across.  I felt guilty sharing it stating that I loved it when I had never heard it sung before, but I did love it’s words and I wanted to remember them. Continue reading

Sep 23 2013

Standing on the Promises

Rebekyah Brewer

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” – Psa 32:7

Just a few more days before my last day at work after almost 15 years. Not sure what I’m going to do next.  There use to be a time when I would be absolutely sick with anxiety over being jobless and without a plan, especially my husband and I both being jobless and without a plan together at the same time; but although I am sad and a bit nervous at times, there is a strong indescribable steady peace in my heart. Continue reading

Jul 2 2010

Expectation Corner

Rebekyah Brewer

But for you, O LORD, do I wait; it is you, O Lord my God, who will answer. – Psa. 38:15

52349_l I read a great short story the other  day that really left me with a deeper understanding of what it means to watch and pray. The story is called Expectation Corner by Emily Steele Elliott written back in 1828. You can read the entire story online here: Expectation Corner

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Jun 19 2010

God’s Great Promises

Rebekyah Brewer

His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence, by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature,2 Peter 1:3-5

AM150 Something keeps telling me that God’s promises are meant to be more than a distant vision, more than a beautiful work of the heavens that we can only gaze on from a distance and admire. Something tells me his promises are more than ideology but are intended to be realized.

Some of God’s promises seem this way to me at times. They are quite wonderful and extraordinary. They stand out like a bright shining star placed high in the night sky above me and captivate my attention. My eyes keep coming back to them, to enjoy them, study them and take them in; but as beautiful and as real as they are, that is as far as my possession seems to come. I have yet to pull them down from the heavens and make them mine. They are too far away, too good to be true, outside my realm, outside my reality, but always within my vision high above my head calling me to look up.

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Jan 20 2010

Quit Praying So Much

Rebekyah Brewer

Image via wikipedia Maria Magdalene praying

“Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.”Psa 103:2

As I began really listening to myself pray lately, I was surprised to find how much my prayers were revealing a deep distrust in God instead of a deep trust in Him. Exactly the opposite of what I intended to convey in my prayer life. I am so thankful for God’s great patience with me. As I have been learning to trust God and believe His word more, I find myself spending more and more time praising and thanking Him for His goodness then I do in praying. Let me show you what I mean.

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Feb 11 2009

Clinging to God Alone

Rebekyah Brewer

My son is a Marine who has very recently left for Iraq on his first deployment. I miss Him already. His world just got bigger as mine just got smaller. Although I have been preparing myself for this day, I still struggled with sadness and anxiety when it finally came. When he left my false sense of security left with him. I was forced to cling and trust more in God for his safety then trusting in this great nation to provide it. People die everyday walking the streets in this big city. He carries a gun, surrounded by buddies, trained to the fullest, constantly on the alert and on the watch. He just might be safer then I am in reality.  I still live in a false sense of security. He carefully monitors his every step and others watch him as he sleeps. But even this knowledge only leads me to cling to yet another false sense of security as I put my hope in his knowledge, in his training, in his weapons, in his buddies and in his commanding officers.

Times like this remind me of how needy, powerless and dependent on God we really are. It’s a prying our fingers loose on these senses of peace and security and re-tightening them on our real security, which comes from God alone. No one and no place can guarantee his safety. Today it is dangerous just to go to a grocery store and back. No one guarantees we will make it home from work this evening or wake up in the morning. Each day is a gift. And our life was created as a vapor. No matter where my son is, his safety and my safety and peace come from God alone. We are completely dependent on Him and must trust in His future grace as strongly as we trust in and remember his past grace to us. As his grace has met and covered our needs in the past, far exceeding our expectations, his grace promises to meet our needs tomorrow. So we are called not to worry, not to be anxious about anything; but to trust in his name and his grace, past, present and future to meet all our needs.

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. – Nahum 1:7

I am a fearful person. I wish it weren’t so. I struggle with worry and anxiety a lot more then I would like to. It is such a negative and pessimistic form of fortune telling. God does not allow anyone see the future unless he has revealed it to us already through his word, his counsel, or patterns of his creation, cause and effect, history and experience.  He intentionally left it blank to us yet teaches us how to prepare for it and face it by listening and trusting in him. He has ordained that it only reveal itself to us in drips, moment by moment which is all we can handle.

We can either place our faith and energy in our sordid imagination of what the future could and might hold, or in God’s foreknowledge, his name, and future grace to meet us there in the next minute knowing that he has already planned it with mercy and love from the beginning, nothing surprises him, catches him off guard or is outside of his control.

I have to constantly realign my hearts thoughts and fears back with God’s truth and trust in His name, grace and mercy to help me face the unknown. I constantly have to remind myself that God loves my son even more then I do. He already knows his future and determined his time. I can trust God with my son’s life, which was a gift to me but ultimately belongs to Him and one day will return to Him on His own timing and not mine no matter where my son is at. I intend to enjoy God’s gift of my son’s life to the fullest for as long as God allows me to until he is called home. And I will miss him so much when that day comes. I will grieve deeply because of the hole he will leave in my world. Once again my world will become even smaller and his will become even bigger still. But I know the company he keeps. I know the God who protects him and walks with him, holding his right hand guarding and guiding his footsteps until they reach Him. I know how good, gracious, wise and loving He truly is towards those who love him and place their trust in him.  So I’ll continually discipline myself against fear and clinging to false senses of security. I’ll continue to realign my thoughts with his truth, and pray for the strength to walk in His way and to face whatever he has ordained and allowed to enter into my life and in the lives of those I love.

Many are the woes of the wicked, but the LORD’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him. – Psalms 32:10